Safety OF Funds

Depositing funds to Proud Market is totally safe, private and secure.

To make our Traders feel secure with how their investments are being managed, Proud Market executes the following methods to achieve the safety of funds:

  • The Protection of Data is  guaranteed by the use of Secure Socket Layer. Each transaction is communicated using SSL technology, certifying that the Client’s personal information is protected by establishing an encrypted link between a trading platform and the Client’s observer.
  • The Security of Accounts is  provided by the implementation of the highest level of Internet protection and data safety in place. The safety is also enhanced through our partners – the biggest and most reputable European banks and payment systems, such as Visa/MasterCard/Maestro.
  • The Company Monitors the Environment by performing a constant seek, identify, analyze and control any risk that may be associated with its activities. We carry out a constant evaluation of our policies, procedures and standards to safeguard our ability to ascertain the safety of our Clients’ investments and data.