Family Plan

  • Family Plan

    When creating a family investment plan, it is necessary to consider the financial capabilities, resources and goals of each single family member. To compare and integrate the capabilities and intentions of all family members into an effective and profitable plan, we recommend consulting professional financial analysts. We propose the creation of a financial plan, regardless of the age and capabilities of each family member. You can add your spouse, parent of retirement age or little child to a financial plan that will help you effectively manage cash flow and increase family income.
  • VIP Plan

    This plan provides exclusive rights to conclude the best short-term and long-term transactions. The owner of VIP plan automatically becomes a member of VIP club Proud Market, in which the most profitable transactions are performed and the help of the best traders is provided.

    You will be able to use unique copyright online trading strategies and be the first to get access to recent insurance deals. You will also be able to benefit from the assistance of high-class support service, which includes:

    • Personal twenty-four-hour VIP support on any matter.
    • Priority call — the VIP client’s request for a callback is always a priority and is automatically set to the first place to our managers. You will receive an instant reply anytime.
    • Urgent help — you will receive an answer to your request within 10 seconds by mail or chat.
  • Training for beginners

    Even if you are a beginner in trading, our coaches will prepare you for the implementation of transactions and strategies of any complexity. Since our specialists have extensive experience in trading, you will be able to conduct all operations and earn income as a professional trader. In order to get started, you need to register on Proud Market website. Hereupon, our manager will contact you to create your secondary income plan. Our team will fully train you and help you to realize the best abilities to achieve major financial goals.
  • Secondary income plan

    Secondary income will allow you to establish an additional stable flow of income without the need of permanent work. Thanks to secondary income, you can accomplish your purposes and dreams by investing in new projects or spending money on travels and leisure. To set up a business that will bring a passive income, we recommend benefiting from the assistance of professional financial analysts. Secondary income plan will allow you to organize a profitable business with high profits and low risk of losses. We select the most optimal plan in the context of your capabilities and skills, resulting in receiving a high stable income in a short period.
  • Retirement plan

    After retirement, it is possible not only to optimize existing incomes but also to improve the financial situation. According to statistics, many senior citizens aged 60 and older do not consider retirement due to lack of funds. With the help of our professional financial advisors, you will be able to define your goals and opportunities even before or during retirement and draw up an action plan for the necessary income generation. Retirement plan from our experts will help you to avoid financial difficulties that often occur during retirement. We offer the best solutions depending on your unique abilities and skills, and develop an action plan in such areas as real estate investment, optimizing existing income and finding new sources of financing, spending optimization and changing the insurance system to more profitable.
  • Vacation Plan

    Our experts will help to determine the optimal amount of automatic deductions from your card for a vacation. Depending on your goals and resources, we will make recommendations and a specific action plan so that you can organize a simple and convenient vacation planning system. Small weekly deductions from the salary to the deposit account will be imperceptible but for 12 months will make an impressive amount that can be spent on the realization of your desires. For example, an automatic deduction to an account of $300 per week (which equals only to $43 per day), will amount to $14,400 per year. And this is only deposit charges, to which income will be added, resulting in the total amount can reach $54,000 – $55,000 per year. With such amount, you can allow yourself not only the desired vacation for the whole family but also the purchase of a new car, round-the-world cruise, organization of luxury holidays and much more. With Proud Market, you can easily set up regular deposits from a card to a deposit account, and it is also possible to distribute a deposit among several accounts. You can set and change the number of deductions as you like: it can be a percentage of the amount of income or a fixed amount per month. Such a vacation planning system is easy-to-use and guarantees a result since the accruals are made automatically without your intervention every month and without the possibility of premature withdrawal of the amount from the deposit account.