What documents do I need to provide to be your client?

We require such documents from your side:


– Colored copy of such document as (by choice): Identity card, passport or driver’s license (front and back sides);


– Colored copy of any Utility bill (Bank Statement, Insurance document, Rent Agreement, etc.) showing your name, current address, and a valid date up to three months old;


– Colored copy of the Credit/Debit Card which was used for the transaction of the funds (front and back sides) showing last four digits of the card number on the front side (the same as on the back side), card holder’s name, expiry date, and signature on the owner. You have to secure all your private information (such as CVV-code).


Why the proof of residency is required?

This information should be indicated in the copy of Utility bill (mentioned before) or any other document that may include the proof of residency. This information is required for cases, when proceeding a withdrawal requests, when the Client’s card (used for the previous transactions) was blocked or lost. The Company then is able to send a requested amount of profits from the Client’s trading account according to the Billing Address (Proof of Residency).


What needs to be visible on my Utility Bill/Bank Statement?

  • Client’s name;
  • Client’s living address;
  • a valid date up to three months old;


Is an electronic bank statement acceptable?

Yes, if it includes the required information indicated in the previous clause.


Where should I send the required documentation?

The Client shall send all the documentation emailed to the Compliance Department ([email protected]) or to the Client’s own trading account by uploading them directly to the Platform.


When will I know if my documentation has been approved or declined?

The Client will receive an email from [email protected] informing about the verification status.

How can I open a trading account?

  1. Click the button “Open Account”.
  2. Fill in the required information (name, surname, email address, phone number, and etc.)
  3. Create your own password (be sure not to disclose it to anyone).

For more information, please, contact our Support Department ([email protected]).


How can I start trading?

Once you have created an account, proceeded the verification, deliberated and approved all details with your manager you may start. All necessary information for proper and profitable trading will be previously granted.


What trading account types do you offer?



What is the minimum deposit/withdrawal for a trading account?

The minimum deposit amount is 250 $ / € / £ depending on the living country and its currency.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 $ / € / £.


What financial instruments do you offer?

Our front-rank investment platform provides the Client with the widest range of up-to-date financial instruments. Its number is growing depending on the type of account.


Can I change the base currency of my account?

You may change the base currency of your account only before depositing funds. You may choose: USD/EUR/GBP.


How my money is secured?

You may read all necessary information regarding Safety of Funds using the following link – https://proud-market.com/safety-of-funds/


What leverage do you offer?

The leverage varies depending on the asset in which you invest. We are offering higher leverage for the advanced account holders.


What is stop loss?

Stop loss is a toll that is used to minimize the loss. The trade automatically closes when the value of S/L is reached.


What is take profit?

Take profit is a tool that is used to close the trade automatically when the value of a set profit is reached.


I cannot log in to my account and I need to open a position. What do I do?

Please, contact your manager or Support Department by a phone number or email address ([email protected]) mentioned on the Website.


In which currencies can I deposit money into my trading account?

Available currencies for depositing funds are:

  • USD (United States Dollars)
  • EUR (Euros)
  • GBP (Great British Pounds)

>Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

The withdrawal procedure can be processed at any time. However, the open trading positions ought to be considered.

Can I withdraw my money if I have an open position?

It depends on the volume of the funds that are placed in the opened positions.


How long does it take to receive my money after I make a withdrawal request?

The withdrawal procedure takes around 3-5 banking days. It may also take more time if the withdrawal procedure was executed as a wire transfer (depends on the Client’s bank).


What payment options do I have to deposit money?

The Client may transfer the funds directly to his trading account using his Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card or by the Wire Transfer (for additional information about Wire Transfer, please, contact your manager or [email protected]).


How can I view my trading transactions history?

Select Trading History gap in the Profile information on your trading platform.